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Private Reef Numbers
Individual reef coordinates sold to one person only.

Chicken coops, pyramids and other small reefs can't handle public fishing pressure. So when we find them, we sell the coordinates to one person, and then delete them from our database.
Regional Chart Bundles
A selection of 100+ proven fishing spots in your favorite fishing grounds. 

  • Pensacola Bay
  • Destin Offshore Hardbottom
  • Shelf Edge
  • Compatible with: Garmin, Lowrance, Raymarine, Humminbird, and more.  
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Charter Sonar Survey
Tell us your area of interest. We'll survey it with professional sonar and deliver the most incredible bottom map you've ever seen. 

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Private Fishing Numbers
•The coordinates on this map area each sold to one person only. After completing your order, your reefs will be deleted from this chart. 

•Satisfaction guarantee: If you can't locate your reef, or if you get completely skunked, call us and tell us about your trip. We'll make it right. 

Price: $190/each
How to order: 
  1. Click points on the map above to read a brief description of each spot. 
  2. Click "Add to cart"  in the popup box to select one or more reefs for purchase. 
  3. When finished adding spots, click "Proceed to checkout"
  4. Coordinates will be automatically emailed to you after checkout. 
  5. *Make sure your email address is correct.*

GPS Fishing Charts

Pensacola Bay
  • Click and zoom the map to explore!
  • Version 2.0 Updated for improved performance on Raymarine hardware
  • 150+ fishing waypoints with names and descriptions.
  • Now includes two offshore reefs, Dutch Banks and Three Barges. 
  • Dozens of large ledges in the pass. 
  • Uncharted shipwrecks.  
  • Rubble piles at shrimp trawler dump sites. 
  • Submerged and exposed pipes.
  • Live bottom areas.  

Pensacola Bay 2.0
Price: $199.00

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Destin Hardbottom 
We made this chart as a custom job last year and it has received some stellar reviews. Highly recommended.
About a dozen hardbottom areas near Destin Pass. A couple hundred acres of ledges, rocks and ridges. All spots are in state waters. 
What you see in the preview map is exactly how the chart appears on your GPS display. The red lines trace reef structure, and the points label the areas. 

Destin Hardbottom
Price: $199.00
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