Custom Fishing Charts

How it works:
  • Our charts work on all major GPS brands, including Lowrance, Simrad, Humminbird, Garmin, Raymarine, Google Earth and mobile devices.
  • Chart are delivered as a digital download. Instructions on how to install the charts on your GPS are included. You will need a blank memory card compatible with your machine. 
  • Terrible at computers? We can mail a physical copy of the card to you upon request. Just let us know via email after checkout. 

Shelf Edge Pensacola

  • All edge spots within 50 miles of Pensacola Pass
  • 775 hardbottom waypoints
  • 100s of miles of traced structure
  • Trysler 
  • Yellow Gravel
  • The Nipple
  • 29 Edge
  • Oriskany shelf
  • Desoto Canyon north rim
  • and more! 
  • Explore the preview chart on right. Zoom and click waypoints to view descriptions. 

Pensacola Shelf Edge

Price: $199.00

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Pensacola Bay

  • Click and zoom the map to explore!
  • Version 2.0 Updated for improved performance on Raymarine hardware
  • 150+ fishing waypoints with names and descriptions.
  • Now includes two offshore reefs, Dutch Banks and Three Barges. 
  • Dozens of large ledges in the pass. 
  • Uncharted shipwrecks.  
  • Rubble piles at shrimp trawler dump sites. 
  • Submerged and exposed pipes.
  • Live bottom areas.  

Pensacola Bay 2.0
Price: $199.00

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Destin Hardbottom

Destin Hardbottom 
We made this chart as a custom job last year and it has received some stellar reviews. Highly recommended.
About a dozen hardbottom areas near Destin Pass. A couple hundred acres of ledges, rocks and ridges. All spots are in state waters. 
What you see in the preview map is exactly how the chart appears on your GPS display. The red lines trace reef structure, and the points label the areas. 

Destin Hardbottom
Price: $199.00
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Shelf Edge Synthetic

Shelf Edge Synthetic

  • Available only for Lowrance, Simrad, and Google Earth. 
  • Garmin user? Email us to discuss your options.
  • Shelf Edge from the Mississippi River to Port St. Joe.
  • High-resolution bottom hardness and ruggedness information.
  • Replaces built-in "shaded relief" data when card is inserted.
  • This is not a numbers list! 
  • This makes numbers lists obsolete. 
  • Equal parts science, technology and art. 
  • (We are very proud of this map.) 
  • You are going to catch so many fish.
 StrikeLines Synthetic

Price: $199.00

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