StrikeLines Synthetic

Price: $199.00

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  • Available only for Lowrance, Simrad, Garmin and Google Earth. 
  • Shelf Edge from the Mississippi River to Port St. Joe.
  • High-resolution bottom hardness and ruggedness information.
  • Replaces built-in "shaded relief" data when card is inserted.
  • This is not a numbers list! 
  • This makes numbers lists obsolete. 
  • (We are very proud of this map.) 
Introducing StrikeLines Synthetic series. 

"I’ve often wondered why we could send a rover to the moon, but couldn’t get something like this on a bottom machine. You are on the right track my friend..." 
--Robert Stuart 
Gulf Coast fisherman 
This chart is going to blow your mind.

Check out the slideshow above for the rundown on our latest creation. An online preview map and free sample downloads are below!
Lowrance/Simrad sample:
Google Earth Sample: