Private Fishing Numbers

Private Numbers

Price: $190/each
  • Each of these reefs is only sold to one person.
  • After checkout, purchased reefs are deleted from our website.
  • We find these reefs with side scan sonar equipment. Their exact age and material are unknown. 
  • "Medium Artificial" reefs are usually chicken coops, pyramids or concrete modules. But that label also includes unknown reef types of the same general size.
  • "Possible" label means we're about 75% sure there is a reef here, but the side scan imagery isn't clear enough to know for certain. If you purchase a "possible" reef and can't find it, let us know and we'll replace it for free.   
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you can't locate your reef, or if you get completely skunked, call us and tell us about your trip. We'll make it right. 901-389-7954.

Red line marks the State/Federal boundary.

How to order: 
  1. Click points on the map above to read a brief description of each spot. 
  2. Click "Add to cart"  in the popup box to select one or more reefs for purchase. 
  3. When finished adding spots, click "Proceed to checkout"
  4. Coordinates will be automatically emailed to you after checkout. 
  5. *Make sure your email address is correct.*