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Florida Public Artificial Reefs
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Your reefs.
Your numbers.

We make our living selling fishing charts, but we believe public reef coordinates should be available free to the public.

You paid for these things. Your fishing license should come with a free "numbers chip" glued to the back!
Until that happens, we've got you covered.

We converted the FWC Artificial Reef Database and other public lists into GPS-compatible files. You'll be hooked up in no time. The free downloads are below.

So enjoy a few fishing spots on us. There's 6,011 in all.
Tight lines,
Florida Artificial Reefs
Compatible with most GPS units.


Escambia Public Reefs

Provided by Capt. Robert Turpin and the folks at the Escambia County Artificial Reef office. This list has a few wrecks and reefs that aren't included in the FWC Database. 

Note: This list is very similar to the new MBT divers list, but it contains about 50 more points. Otherwise these numbers are identical to MBT Divers' list. 

Escambia County Artificial Reefs
Compatible with most GPS units.
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Destin Public Reefs

This GPS download was generated from the excellent listings at Fishing Destin Guide.

It might look smaller than the other lists, but there's some special stuff on here. This has artificial reefs, natural bottom areas, wrecks, and a lot of structure that's not listed in the FWC database.

There are more than 600 waypoints, spanning from the shelf edge south of Pensacola all the way to Panama City. More than 400 waypoints are within 10 miles of East Pass.

For offshore fishing out of Destin, these numbers are hard to beat!

Destin Fishing Waypoints
Compatible with most GPS units.

View the full size map online, or download a Google Earth KML file to your computer.


Alabama Public Reefs

This list of public reefs was created using the CSV download available at Outdoor Alabama. Information is current as of January 2014, according to the site. 

We worked our magic to create the GPS-compatible downloads below, but otherwise all the credit goes to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

They deserve a pat on the back for publishing the coordinates in an easy to use CSV file. Nice work fellas!
Alabama Public Reefs
Compatible with most GPS units.
View the full size map online, or download a Google Earth KML file to your computer.


Oil Platforms
& Pipelines

The first StrikeLines Custom Chart, available for free!
We made this map of offshore oil platforms and pipelines using Bureau of Ocean Energy Management data. It took quite a bit of effort! We had to build a relational database three tables deep just to connect a rig name to its location!
BoEM, please be more like Florida and Alabama. Think of the fishermen.
Data is incomplete in this set, but where available, we included: Name, manned status, major platform status and number of beds.
When fishing pipelines, be aware that the pipe might be buried for much of its length. But the pipe occasionally rises above the sand to connect to the next section at large junction boxes. These junctions are located at regular lengths along the pipelines.
Oil Platforms and Pipelines
Compatible with most GPS units.
View the full size map, or download map KML file to your computer.