How it works. 

StrikeLines charts are delivered by email, usually within 2-3 hours of payment. Be sure to specify during checkout what GPS hardware you are using. The charts will be installed by copying the files to a memory card and following the instructions on this page. 

Currently, StrikeLines charts are compatible with:

  • Garmin
  • Lowrance HDS and Elite
  • Humminbird
  • Android/iPhone devices
  • PC Chartplotting Software
  • Customers without compatible GPS hardware are encouraged to try the PC/Mobile "KML" versions of our charts, which can be viewed with Google Earth and many mobile applications. 

Hate all this computer stuff? For folks who prefer to avoid technology, we are happy to mail you a physical memory card with the chart preloaded. After checkout, email us at Include your full name and mailing address and let us know you'd like a physical card in addition to electronic delivery. 

You will still have to push a few buttons on your GPS, but we'll include printed instructions to walk you through the process. Memory cards will be mailed via USPS. There is no extra charge for this service. .   





•Garmin: It doesn't get any easier than this. Copy the entire "Garmin" folder and contents onto the root directory of a memory card. Plug the memory card into your Garmin unit. When prompted by the unit, select import.

Thank you Garmin for making it so easy! 


Humminbird Small.png


•Humminbird: (MATRIX folder) Copy the entire “matrix” folder and contents onto the root directory of a memory card. Plug the memory card into your Humminbird unit. When prompted by the unit, select import.

Optional: Send Humminbird software engineers a pizza at work for making it so easy. 




•Lowrance: (GPX or USR file) Copy the .GPX file onto a memory card that is compatible with your unit. Insert the memory card into your Lowrance unit. Follow the waypoint import instructions below.

•Lowrance HDS units: Pages–>Files–>Memory Card–>SL-XXXXX.GPX–>Enter–>Import.

•Elite units: Menu–>Waypoints, Routes, Trails–>Menu–>Load From Card–>SL-XXXX.GPX–>Load


Android Small.png

iPhone & Android

Via Google Earth app. (easiest)
• Download and install Google Earth from iTunes or the Google Play store. 
• Email the KML/KMZ file to yourself as an attachment. 
• Open the KML/KMZ using your phone/tablet's email browser. 
• When prompted, select "Open with Google Earth."

Via other GPS application
Any GPS app that is able to import or overlay KML or GPX files should be able to display a StrikeLines fishing chart. Import procedures vary from app to app. Follow your app's instructions for importing waypoints and tracks.

Recommended Android apps:
• Locus Free
• OruxMaps
• BackCountry Navigator